Adult Education

The Adult Education and Literacy Program is funded by federal money and Tahlequah Public Schools. The program serves anyone 16 years of age and older ,not currently enrolled in public school. Students set goals which in most instances are to get their GED so they can get a job, go to college or get additional training. The Adult Education Program uses a data program called LACES to record student and program information and is available for federal and state review. The data reflects successes and the population served by age and ethnicity. The first GED tests were administered in 1942 for veterans returning from world war II. They were not given to civilians until 1952. Since then thousands have received their GED including noted people such as David Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, and country singer Waylon Jennings.

All students who take the GED Exam beginning June 1, will need to register at to find GED scores.  Students will also use this site to order duplicate diplomas and transcripts if the originals have been lost or misplaced.

Students needing to re-test will have until December 31, 2013 to re-test without losing current scores. There will be a new test in 2014 and it will administered on the computer.  Tahlequah Public Schools will be a computer based testing site.

Day Classes

Central Academy
Bldg B, room 5
Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 12:15 pm
Workforce Oklahoma
1755 S. Muskogee
Tahlequah, OK

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1 pm – 3

Enrollment available on Thursdays only

Night Classes

No classes are currently scheduled

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are classes?
Who can take the GED Test?
How can a person sign up to take the GED Test?
What does the GED Test measure?
What scores are needed to pass the GED Test?

For more information, contact the Adult Education Offices:

403 N. Mission
(918) 458-4170