Policies & Handbooks

Board Policies

Table of Contents
Sections 1 & 2 – School District & School Board Operations
Section 3 – Business & Support Services
Section 4 – Personnel
Section 5 – Instruction
Section 6 – Students

Important Policies

School Safety and Bullying Prevention Act, Policy 6203
Intra-District Transfer of Students
Non-Discrimination Policy
District Wellness Policy
Grievance Policy
Athletic Policies for grades 7-12
Athletics Tahlequah Tiger Parent Guidelines


“See Something, Say Something” - report bullying or suspicious activity
Grievance Complaint Form
Use of Facility Request Form
Formal Grievance Procedure Form for Parents (Athletics)



THS Student Handbook 2014-15
TMS Student Handbook 2014-15
Elementary Student handbook 2014-15
Sequoyah Pre-K Student Handbook 2014-15
Student Handbook Revisions 9-11-14


Please access the faculty handbooks from the shared drive while on campus.