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Sequoyah Elementary

Sequoyah Elementary, our school for all the pre-kindergarten students in the district, got off to a wonderful start in August.  The building is full of bright, young pre-kers and a handful of three year olds!  Tahlequah Public Schools is honored to serve these beginning school students!

We are currently serving 183 PK students at Sequoyah.  Each class is taught by a certified early childhood educator and a highly qualified paraprofessional assistant.  We also house two Cherokee Nation Headstart classes serving about 34 three year old students.  We are excited to be able to serve as many students as possible with the importance and high expectations placed on early childhood education.

As in the past, we are pleased to partner with Cherokee Nation and the NSU Speech Department to help provide the best possible experience for your child.  The Cherokee Nation partnership allows our students to have free health screenings including vision and dental.  Each day the students learn about life long healthy habits such as brushing their teeth after each meal.  Combining their curriculum with the state curriculum creates a well-rounded, healthy student!  The NSU Speech team screens each child for potential language or speech delays.  Students that show these delays will be served in a small group setting.  All students also get extra group time with the speech students to work on language and vocabulary skills.

At Sequoyah PK, we have the smartest students!  Our school has two different awards that a child can earn throughout the year.  The first is the “100 Club”.  These are students that can come to the office and count to 100 for the principal!  The second club is the “ABC Club”.  These are students who can recognize all 26 letters, uppercase and lowercase, out of sequence.  Both of these skills are upper kindergarten level skills.  Students and Parents alike like to have something they can practice at home.  This year has been amazing!  We already have 10 students who are members of the 100 Club and 24 students that are a member of the ABC Club!  WOW!

Each month we will have two Sunshine Assemblies to celebrate the successes at our school.  Our October 9th assembly will be led by Mrs. Horn’s class.  Our students are excited to see all the friends and family that will come to celebrate with us!   Each assembly will focus on a character trait and quote for each month.  Individual students are recognized for classroom Student of the Month awards and other awards like the 100 Club and the ABC Club.  We are fortunate to have many things to celebrate each month.  The monthly assemblies will be led by a different homeroom each time throughout the school year.  The students and teachers both do an amazing job and you are welcome to join us at any assembly.  The next assembly is scheduled for Friday, October 23rd at 8:15 am.

Sequoyah is changing things up!  We are transitioning from a sun as our mascot to the tiger cub!  We are excited to be the orange and black SEQUOYAH PK TIGER CUBS!!!