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Enrollment Statistics

It is difficult to believe that October is here and fall break is just around the corner.  It feels like we are finally settling in and we are back in the school routine.  August and September brought a lot of activity to our Enrollment Center on Water Street.   Tahlequah Public Schools spent the last year revamping many of our enrollment practices, and continues today, hoping to make our process as community and parent friendly as possible while still complying with Federal and State Laws that govern our enrollment practices. Enrollment forms may be found on our website and may be printed and completed prior to arriving at the Enrollment Center. 

Our school sites begin pre-enrollment of current students in the early spring and parents completing this process are not required to re-enroll their children through the Enrollment Center.  We highly encourage pre-enrollment; as you read the statistics below you will understand my suggestion. 

As of this writing, Tahlequah Public School has three thousand, six hundred forty eight students (3,648) enrolled district wide.  Tahlequah High Schools has one thousand, two hundred and eight (1208) students, Tahlequah Middle School’s total enrollment is six hundred thirty five (635), Heritage Elementary currently has five hundred forty seven (547) students enrolled, Greenwood Elementary has six hundred and three (603) students, Cherokee Elementary has four hundred thirty three (433) students enrolled and Sequoyah Elementary has two hundred twenty two (222) PreK students. 

In the month of August seven hundred and five students (705) enrolled in Tahlequah Public Schools.  Five hundred and seventy (570) enrolled in TPS for the first time.  One hundred thirty five (135) have previously been TPS students but have returned after having a lapse in enrollment.  Thirty two (32) of those returned after having less than a six month lapse in enrollment and one hundred and three (103) returned after having more than six months lapse in enrollment.

Of the new to the district enrollees, 222 attend Sequoyah Elementary PreKindergarten, and  approximately 130 entered TPS as 9th graders from county schools.

During the month of August, twenty-seven (27) students started to school with TPS but withdrew before the end of the month.

September brought sixty nine (69) additional enrollments to TPS with forty four (44) of those students coming to TPS for the first time.  Fourteen (14) have previously been TPS students and have returned after a lapse in enrollment of less than six month.  Eleven (11) are returning after having more than six months lapse in enrollment.

During the month of September, sixty-one (61) students dropped or withdrew from Tahlequah Public Schools.

For a two month total, seven hundred seventy four (774) students enrolled, 21.5% of our total enrollment.  Eighty eight (88) students dropped or terminated enrollment.


If you’ve managed to continue reading through all the numbers, you are probably wondering why this is even significant to a school district.  Moving or migratory populations bring many factors that must be considered when it comes to providing services to children. For enrollment considerations, does the family have birth certificates and immunization records? 

In the classroom, transiency can have devastating and long term implications.  Generally speaking, there are large gaps in migratory children’s knowledge. Often times these students experience large lapses in enrollment.  It is not totally uncommon for these students to be out of school several months or even an entire school year.  These gaps in instruction and learning are virtually impossible to correct as the transiency continues from community to community and year to year.  Transiency also relates to crime and health care that school districts deal with as the effects trickle down to the children. 

The statistics, the demographics and the effects end up with the classroom teachers.  Tahlequah Public Schools is fortunate to have great teachers who welcome all students into their classrooms and who work diligently to provide many needed services to eliminate the barriers to learning for all our children.