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Tahlequah Public Schools



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Tahlequah Public Schools(TPS) is a 5A school district with the of October 3 official enrollment of 3647 students comprised of seven learning institutions. Sequoyah Pre-Kindergarten Center is a collaboration with Cherokee Nation Head Start serving PK children; Cherokee, Greenwood, and Heritage Elementary Schools serve children Kindergarten through fifth grade. Tahlequah Middle School serves grades 6-8; Tahlequah High School includes grades 9-12; and Central Academy is our alternative high school. The CCREA (Cherokee County Regimented Education Academy), or Boot School, is also on the campus of Central Academy and serves approximately 20 adjudicated youth at any given time.

Tahlequah Public Schools reflects the diverse community of Cherokee County.     Tahlequah’s roots are embedded in an appreciation of education which is demonstrated in our highly talented and gifted students.    At the same time, poverty and disadvantage affects over 74% of our student body.    (The poverty rate in our area is 29% compared to the poverty rate of the state at 17%.)  Eighteen percent of TPS students are gifted and talented while 17% of our students have special needs.

Our rich Cherokee heritage in the capitol of the Cherokee Nation is greatly reflected in our student body with at last count 1621 or 44.45% of TPS students identified as a member of the Cherokee Nation.    Many tribes are represented in our student population with a total of 2136 or 58.6% Native American students.    The number of Native American students served at TPS is likely one of the highest populations of Native American students served in any one school district! 

The overall demographic breakdown in TPS includes approximately 58.6% Native American, 18% Hispanic, 20.4% White, and 3% other ethnicities.    Approximately 300 students enter 9th grade at Tahlequah High School from eight K-8 Cherokee County schools each school year.

The impact of operating and maintaining a school district is often under-estimated.     Business is conducted daily and on a large scale.   Tahlequah Public Schools’ 2016-17 general fund budget is $31 million.   The general fund is the operating fund which constitutes approximately 27% of local ad-valorem; 1% county taxes; 57% state funding; and 14.5% federal funding.    General fund expenses include most costs associated with operating a school district.   

The Tahlequah Public Schools’ 2016-17 building fund budget is $1.8 million.   The building fund is utilized for facility improvements and to pay some utility costs.

Tahlequah Public Schools has a Strategic Plan which will be updated for the 2016-17 school year in the near future.   It consists of a school improvement plan, technology plan, capital improvement plan, alternative education plan, professional development plan and Schoolwide Title I plans.    The Smart goals which are the focus for this school year are (1) Literacy all day…. everybody! and (2) Culture—embracing everybody everyday!    Our vision and mission statements simply state our purpose which is to prepare our students to assume the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy.


District Vision Statement


Tigers ROAR!

(Removing Obstacles Achieving Results)!



District Mission Statement


Tahlequah Public Schools is committed to providing all students with a quality education within a safe and caring learning environment.



District Goals


Goal #1:          All students will achieve at their highest potential.

Goal #2:          All stakeholders will work together to build a better school system.

Goal #3:          All schools will have equitable resources.