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Business Operations

In the world of school business,  there are a number of ways people make a difference.  When attributing the success of our students to the hard work of the classroom teachers and coaches, there is another unique set of people who are often overlooked.  In order to paint a complete picture of the countless student achievements, it is also important to acknowledge the work of many who are behind the scenes. The jobs who receive little or no credit, at times, but are greatly valued.  


This is the work of key people in the day to day operations.  It is the business and taking care of business in the world of education.  The list of rules and regulations that must be followed can be exhausting. The regular tasks can take on a whole new challenge when one must stop to answer the phone, greet a parent or place a bandage on an injured knee.  In addition to the daily routine office errands, the variety of responsibilities can range from collecting and depositing money, ordering school supplies, planning a fundraiser or facilitating how this money might be spent.


Each of these individuals has a unique set of skills.  What they do requires, integrity, courage, a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.   But, it is more than just completing the work.  It’s about the personal touch that goes into everything they do. 


It can be quite a challenge in school business to retain employees.  With the looming funding shortfalls and uncertain financial times, we want to offer more than a monetary reward.   We want to recognize what you do and acknowledge your hard work and dedication.  We recognize that your sense of duty and commitment to the students, faculty, and parents of the Tahlequah Public Schools community is what fosters a positive learning environment.


There are many people who contribute, daily to the successes of our students.   Many people who are essential to our daily business and operations.   We would like to extend a special note of appreciation to our site Office Managers, the Board of Education Financial, Personnel, Technical and Instructional Support staff.


Despite the hub bub and the noise, these folks work tirelessly to get the job done.  We applaud and appreciate what you do, how you do it, and that what you do makes a difference.