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Update on Technology

With the summer technology projects completed, the district technology team keeps on striving forward.  This summer saw the transition to Windows 10 for over 300 devices.  Users are getting familiar with the changes made, and now the technology team looks forward to moving the remainder of the district in this direction.  This should take place this summer as we transition the High School, Middle School, and Greenwood Elementary.

Windows 10 has also brought the transition to “Cloud” computing.  Many of the files that have been previously stored on server drives are now being stored on either shared locations on SharePoint or personal storage on OneDrive/Google Drive/File Stream.  We plan on moving all such files over to SharePoint in the next couple of years.

Our student technology replacement plan continues to move forward as we now have over six hundred iPads and sixteen hundred Chromebooks.  The plan will be to add one more grade for iPads this summer, with another two grades slated for Chromebooks.

The transition to moving iPads into Apple Profile Manager, where they can be centrally managed, has been a big success.  Three of the elementary sites have been enrolled, and we are seeing great benefit in it.  Implementing the new Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides monitoring, application deployment, and security which has become more and more crucial as we add iPads.

The district has also made an investment in security.  Over the past few years we have implemented door entry and security camera systems.  Now all our sites have video monitoring to assist in staff and student safety.

There has also been a lot excitement around the new school logos, and we are now in the process of getting those logos and brands onto the website.  We anticipate having this completed in the coming weeks, along with a new school app to keep in touch with community.

Instructional technology is allowing our students to be more engaged and more active in their learning. Teachers are able to take their students to places they may never get to go to through Virtual Reality field trips. Google Classroom and Chromebooks are being used in a number of classrooms that allow teachers to assign classwork, assess students, and provide resources for students to access in one online location. iPads are being used in classrooms to allow students to demonstrate their learning through apps that allow for production. Students are working in these online collaborative environments allowing for deeper conversations and to demonstrate understanding.

The job of technology inside our school district is moving forward, and we are excited to see where it takes us.  We continue to make the most of what we have, and love to see students and teachers adopting technology and enhancing learning!