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Update on Maintenance

Tahlequah Public Schools is continually looking to make improvements to all aspects of our operations.  Here is an update on what is needed to maintain our sites and vehicles at TPS. 

With 3,574 students in our district, we have many moving parts that need to be maintained daily.  Maintenance and Transportation have received 2,743 work orders and completed 2,224 since July 1, 2017.   We have approximately 127 acres to mow, weed-eat and pick up trash or debris from; 605,240 square feet of buildings to clean and maintain; and 444 HVAC units to clean, change belts, grease motors and change out the 707 filters for those units.  The maintenance department has installed over 1200 LED bulbs throughout the district to reduce energy and we have installed bottle fillers at the Middle school, Greenwood and Cherokee to reduce waste.

Our Transportation Department is just as busy making sure that our buses and vehicles are safe to transport our students and faculty.  We have 20 bus routes that transport 1327 students and travel 920 miles daily.  We have 1 car that transports to the Oklahoma School for the Blind at 202 miles daily.   We have 5 Boys & Girls Club buses at roughly 80 miles a day.  On an average day, we have about 3 vehicles being serviced, 44 gallons of diesel used every day and 64 gallons of gas used daily.  A total of 31 buses, 1 Semi truck, 38 cars, vans, trucks, 13 trailers, 1 tractor, 1 backhoe, 7 mowers, and 2 Kawasaki mules are serviced on a rotating basis.  We also have about 6 Activities per day using our transportation department.  Tahlequah Public Schools is fortunate to have quality personnel in these departments taking care of our students and faculty removing obstacles that could affect the learning environment  

We are so grateful for the support of the city and all of its departments.  It appears to be understood that a community is only as good as is its school system and a school system is only as good as its community.