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Tahlequah Public Schools



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Back to School

Tahlequah Public Schools is back to school in full swing!   Staff reported August 8-10 with the days filled with meetings, trainings, and the traditional Welcome Back for staff.   The Welcome Back showcased some of our talented high school students with the THS ROTC presenting the colors and the THS Show Choir singing the National Anthem.  

Summer Socials were held with packed houses on August 4 at Sequoyah PK, at TMS 6th grade on August 8 and at all other school sites on August 9.   Even the rain couldn’t keep folks away on August 9 with the sites having record attendance that night at Summer Social!

On the first day of school on Thursday, August 11, we had 3443 students in attendance--1201 students at the high school; 612 students at the middle school; and 1630 students at the four elementary sites.   This was slightly lower than the previous school year; however, our enrollment office was full of families enrolling on Thursday and Friday. 

The principals reported to the Board of Education at the regular board meeting on August 11 that it was one of the most successful first days ever!   Our school sites have their procedures and practices mastered to bring routine to any day of the school year.   Traffic is always congested the first few days of school but inevitably smooths out in a couple of weeks. 

Sequoyah PK has the biggest challenge at the beginning of the year with 3 and 4 year-old children.   Walking young children of this age and loading them into vehicles is a task until the staff becomes familiar with the families/vehicles and the children learn procedures. 

Speaking of challenges, our Transportation Department has dealt extremely well with a huge change for the first two days of school.     Definite stops were created altering the routes immensely.   The drivers, students, families and the staff at Transportation have done their best to make this a positive change.   This was a financial and time saving modification that our district made due to our state’s financial uncertainty.   This fine department had some snags the first day but reported that even by the second day of school on Friday that their routes were running smooth!

The B&G Club after school program was in session the first day of school.   Again due to our unpredictable state resources, our district is now charging $50 per month for the after school program.   We are currently developing enriching programming and of course, will continue to offer tutoring for our students in the B&G Club after school program.

School is back in session at Tahlequah Public Schools!   THS Fast-Pitch Softball has already begun with THS Volleyball to also start this week.   Athletics as well as all other programming will be going strong before we know it.  

And yes, Tahlequah Public Schools has had to modify how we operate because of the state of the state.   However, not one co-curricular or extra-curricular or athletic program has been eliminated for our students.    Our faculty and staff will feel the consequences of our changes in operation long before our students and patrons will.   We stand committed to our mission to provide a quality education within a safe, and caring learning environment!     Tigers ROAR!!