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Child Nutrition

What a joy it is to see Tahlequah’s schools filled with the energy and vitality of our community’s children once again.  We are excited about the new school year and the achievements that we witness each day.  As we prepare our students for their bright futures, we are reminded that every moment of every day matters – including breakfast and lunch!  Healthy meals nourish bodies and minds, helping our children learn. 

The Child Nutrition Team provides wonderful meals each day, designed to appeal to children while meeting their nutritional needs.  Menus are posted online and can be accessed through the Tahlequah Public School website.  Multiple offerings are available at breakfast, with a hot traditional breakfast as one of the daily choices.  At the Middle and High Schools, there are also two lunch entrée choices daily.  Soon to Come:  We’re adding a second entrée at our elementary schools too!  There are full salad bars at every school and students can load up on fruit, veggies, salads, and more.  They are well received, which tells us that many of our children are making healthy choices in the cafeterias and enjoying their experience.

The Child Nutrition Program is a non-profit organization and meal prices are kept as low as possible for our young clientele.  The program is governed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Based on USDA’s Paid Equity regulation, it is necessary for the program to raise prices every other year to meet the required minimums.  Prices went up $0.25 this year across the district.  Breakfast is $1.50 at every school site.  Lunch is $2.50 at elementary schools and $2.75 at the Middle and High Schools.  After-school snacks are served at no charge.  Visiting parent and adult prices are $2.00 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch. 

Our district proudly participates in the Free and Reduced Meal Program.  Seventy-five percent of the students within the Tahlequah Public School district qualify for either reduced-price meals ($0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch) or free meals each day.  Their privacy is protected and there is no overt identification of any student’s status.  We deeply appreciate the submission of applications, whether a family is qualified or not.  In addition to helping our community families, the Free and Reduced Meal Program is essential to the receipt of Title and Grant funding.  Every application helps our district and allows us to provide the best services possible to our students. 

We hope that our district parents will encourage their children to participate in the school meal programs.  The food is high quality and prepared with loving care.  Our culinary professionals take pride in what they do and truly care about the children they serve each day.  Additionally, like the Free and Reduced Program, every meal served translates into funding that allows us, in turn, to offer more to our students.  Your child’s participation helps every child in the district.  

It takes a village - Together we keep our district strong and our children healthy and happy.  Together we ROAR – Removing obstacles and achieving results!  Thank you for your patronage and support.  It’s already a great school year!