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Tahlequah Public Schools FAQ Return to Learn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Return to Learn




July 30, 2020




What is the first day of school for Tahlequah Public Schools(TPS)?

  • Thursday, August 27, 2020.  


What are the learning options for TPS students?

  • (1) Traditional in-person learning;
  • (2) Virtual learning.  The virtual learning request has been extended until August 3, 2020.


What do families do to enroll their students for their choice of options?

  • If your child is already enrolled and you choose the tradition learning model, then nothing else needs to be done.  
  • If you choose the virtual learning model, then complete the Virtual Learning Request form on the TPS website.   The form is located under the News/Quicklinks section in the middle of the page on the website.

If you have not enrolled your child, go the TPS Enrollment Center located at the TPS Board of Education office at 225 N. Water Street.   Indicate to the enrollment clerk which option that you are choosing for your child(ren).


If my child commits to virtual learning can he/she return to traditional school?

  • Yes, students will be allowed one change per semester.


 When can students be dropped off at school in the morning?

  • Students will be allowed to be dropped off beginning at 7:45 AM (7:40 AM THS).   School sites and staff will direct students to their classrooms at that time to avoid large groups.


What school supplies do families provide for their child(ren)?

  • Basic school supplies for the 2020-21 school year will be provided for all students K-12.  School supply kits will be available for all kindergarten through 8th grade students.  Teachers and classrooms will be provided with student supplies for PK and high school. 


What should students bring on the first day?

  • Backpacks will not be provided by the district, so students can bring their own backpack if they choose.  PK students will need to bring a thin kinder mat for nap time.  Students should bring a mask and their own water bottle to maintain safe health practices. 


Will extra-curricular activities be available for my child(ren)?

  • Depending on the level of community spread, all athletics, electives and fine arts classes will continue as planned with extra measures taken to ensure the safety of students and staff.  There may be limitations placed on the number of events, the number of people allowed to attend an event, limited access to performing areas, or other safety measures as needed.  We will also follow the guidance from OSSAA. 


Will parents/guardians and visitors be able to enter the school sites?

  • No visitors, including parents will be allowed past the main entry of each site.  Exceptions must be granted by the principal or director and may include IEP meetings, limited teacher conferences, etc.  All Visitors, including parents, will be required to wear a face covering while in the building.


Will parents/guardians be allowed to have or bring lunch on campus?

  • No, unfortunately.  We must minimize risks for all students.

COVID Safety


The following actions will be taken to help reduce the chance of COVID-19 spread.

  • Hand sanitizer, encourage hand washing and disinfectant spray in each room.
  • Restriction of non-essential visitors.
  • Additional daytime custodian and increased spending on cleaning supplies.
  • 4 evening employees will disinfect the entire district (after normal cleaning) with electro-static sprayer devices.
  • Masks are required for all.
  • Plastic barriers when possible.
  • Increased air circulation through HVAC controls and open doors/windows.
  • Increased communication of proper hygiene practices.


Will students be required to wear a face covering?

  • Yes, students will be required to wear a face covering during the school day except for special circumstances.  The school district is requesting mask donations but please send your child(ren) with a face covering at the beginning of school.  


Will school staff be required to wear a face covering?

  • Yes, school staff will be required to wear a mask or face shield.


Will I need to monitor my child(ren)’s temperatures each day?

  • Yes.   Temperatures will also be taken each morning upon arrival to school.  If a student has a fever of 100.4 or higher, they will not be allowed to attend.  The parent/guardian will be called to pick up the student and the student must remain fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication before returning to school.  Students who must stay home due to COVID-19 symptoms will be able to complete work via distance learning to avoid absences.


How will schools maintain social distancing?   Will hand sanitizer be provided?

  • Each site has a plan for this-spacing in classrooms, single file lines with distancing in the hall with class changes, outside eating area for lunches, limited number of students in bathrooms at the same time.  Classrooms will be arranged to maximize spacing between students and teachers to the extent possible. 


  • Yes, hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the school site.   It would be a good idea to provide your child(ren) with personal hand sanitizer as well.


What step will be taken if there is a student and/or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19?

  • Since each case is unique, Tahlequah Public Schools will work with the Health Department to determine the appropriate next steps. 


What will determine a temporary school closure?

  • Tahlequah Public Schools will work in a partnership with public health officials and agencies.  The guidance and recommendations given by those agencies will determine the steps that should be taken by our school district.


How will parents receive information about updates, transitions to distance learning, changes in schedules, etc?

  • All information will be available on the district website tahlequahpublicschools.org, site Facebook pages, and school messenger will be utilized to send all calls. 



Will all students be provided with a device?

  • Yes, all students will receive a device regardless of the learning option chosen.  Tahlequah Public Schools will be giving iPads to all Kindergarten through 1st grade students and Chromebooks to all 2nd through 12th grade students. 
  • A device agreement must be filled out prior to your student receiving a device.  This agreement is available here.


Is my child required to check out a device?

  • Checking out a student device is not optional.  Our devices will have access to all needed educational software.  Some software will not function the same on a privately-owned device.  Our goal is to make our on-line programs easily accessible with a consistent environment that is safe for all students, and this is simply not possible except on school issued devices.


Is checking out a “hot spot” device optional?

  • Checking out “hot spot” devices ARE optional.  These devices are only needed if the student does not have reasonable access to internet


Do the “hot spot” devices have unlimited data?

  • The data plan on the “hot spot” devices is provided by T-Mobile and is unlimited.  However, it is throttled after 2 GB of use.  Internet access will slow down after use.


Can any student check out a “hot spot” device?

  • No.  Students that are in Kindergarten and 1st grade will receive an iPad with a data plan.  They will not need a “hot spot” device and will not be allowed to check one out.


Do the “hot spot” devices have filtered internet access?

  • Yes.  All school issued student devices and “hot spot” devices will have CIPA filtered internet access consistent with the internet access supplied to students that are on school campus.

Child Nutrition


How do I sign my child(ren) for Free or Reduced meals?

  • Applications are available in the office at each school, at the Board of Education, and at the Child Nutrition Office.  Applications are also available online at tahlequahschools.org. 


Do I need to fill out a lunch form if my child is enrolled in the virtual option?

  • YES!  It is very important for all families to complete a free and reduced-price meals application every year even if your child/children do not plan to eat at school.  School districts depend on the submission of free and reduced-price applications because they affect our funding and title programs. 


How will breakfast and lunch be different during the Re-entry?

  • Our cafeterias will remain open and we will take different measures at each site to promote social distancing.  We will incorporate meals in classrooms, have added lunch times, outdoor seating, spreading out of tables, staggering seating and other measures as we see fit.  This is no one size fits all plan as each site has a different number of students and varying space in cafeterias.  We will adjust if needed during the school year.




How do families sign up for transportation?

  • Call the transportation department @ 458-4168. 


Is a transportation contract required each school year?

  • Yes, but if you have pre-enrolled, you have already completed it.  New enrollees will complete the contract at the time of enrollment. 


What are pickup locations and pickup times?

  • Call the transportation department @ 458-4168 for specific location and time. 

What are the new bus procedures for face coverings?

  • Everyone boarding, riding and exiting the bus must wear a face covering.


After-School Program


How do I enroll in the after-school program?

  • If you did not attend one of the drive-up enrollment events, contact your site for an enrollment form and information.


Can virtual students attend the after-school program?

  • No


Do students have to wear a face covering in the after-school program?

  • Yes, the after-school program will follow all district protocols. 


Sequoyah Pre-K


What are the school hours?

  • 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. 

What does my child need to bring with them the first day?  

  • They will bring their student info sheet that will be mailed to them, they will wear the name tag enclosed in the welcome back letter, kinder mat and backpack.  We are not allowing blankets, mat covers, stuffed animals, etc.

Will my child be allowed to go outside at recess?  

  • Yes, students will follow a regular recess schedule with students spread out as much as possible.  Students will not wear face coverings at recess.



What are the school hours?

  • 8:10 AM to 3:10 PM, Monday thru Friday. 

Will my child be allowed to go outside at recess?  

  • Yes, students will follow a regular recess schedule with students spread out as much as possible.  Students will not wear face coverings at recess.

What does my child need to bring with them the first day?  

  • They will bring their student info sheet that will be mailed to them, they will wear the name tag enclosed in the welcome back letter, backpack and water bottle.   



What are the school hours?

  • 8:10 AM to 3:10 PM, Monday thru Friday. 


How to get schedules at TMS?   Will THS have schedule pick-up prior to the start of school?

  • We are doing a drive through summer social on August 24th for students to pick up their schedules, a mask, and other important info!

What does my child need to bring with them the first day?  

  • Only a mask and water bottle.  School supplies will be in their classrooms when they get there.

Can students visit their school/classroom prior to the first day?   

  • TMS will be posting a video-virtual tour next week & informational video the week school starts showing where to enter, drop off, etc. for each grade level. We will have staff outside on the first day to show students exactly where to go.



What are the school hours?

  • 7:50 AM to 2:50 PM, Monday thru Friday. 


Who will my teachers be if I am a virtual student?

  • Virtual instruction is provided by Edmentum. You will have a teacher from THS assigned to you to monitor progress.


What does Blended enrollment mean?

  • Blended enrollment is when a student is enrolled in our virtual program, Edmentum, but comes on campus for up to two classes. These classes may be a Fine Arts class and or Athletics.


Is transportation provided if I am a virtual student participating in extracurricular activities?

  • No


How many classes will I be required to take?

  • 7 classes will be required regardless of enrollment type (traditional, virtual or blended)


How do I pick my classes if I am a virtual or blended student?

  • Please email your counselor for class options through Edmentum.

A-D quallss@tahlequahschools.org

E-K stafforda@tahlequahschools.org

L-R lynnj@tahlequahschools.org

S-Z williamsj@tahlequahschools.org


How will I know my log in for Edmentum and when will I pick up my device?

  • We have a device distribution plan. We are working on dates. It will be as close to the 1st day of school as possible. We are also working on an information session for those students who have chosen Virtual or Blended. Be on the lookout for dates and details!


What do I do if I am a new student to THS?

  • Once enrollment at the Board office is complete, please call to make an appointment with your counselor. Only student and one parent/guardian please.  918-458-4150


Will THS have a schedule pick up?

  • Yes, currently we are still working on a date. It will be closer to when school starts. During this time, you will be able to pick up your schedule, pay for your parking decal ($20, must have proof of insurance, license and tag number) and your activity fee ($20)


What do I do if I need to request a schedule change?

  • Please email your request to your counselor.

A-D quallss@tahlequahschools.org

E-K stafforda@tahlequahschools.org

L-R lynnj@tahlequahschools.org

S-Z williamsj@tahlequahschools.org


When will classes start if I am a concurrent student at NSU?

  • Classes for NSU are set to start August 17th.


When will classes start if I am also enrolled at ICTC?

  • Classes for ICTC are set to start on August 13th (subject to change).