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The transition to middle school

February 25, 2015

Make your child's transition to middle school as smooth as possible by following these tips to boost their self-confidence and help them juggle new responsibilities:

1 Attend orientation. Most schools offer an orientation for incoming middle school students and their parents, offering information on schedules, a tour of the school and an overview of school policies. Attending these presentations can help demystify the school and put both parents and child at ease.

2 Organize a home desk. If Junior breezed through homework in elementary school, consider yourself lucky. Middle school homework is generally much more challenging, and juggling the demands and expectations of multiple teachers is a learning experience. Set up a work desk at home for your student, post their schedule nearby and stock it with extra supplies to help them prepare for the increased workload.

3 Take a test drive. If your student is worried about taking the public bus, try it out with them before school starts. If they are concerned about their combination lock, have them practice on one at home. Working out the kinks ahead of time will help lighten their load when school starts.

4 Contact with the staff. If you have any major concerns about your child's transition to middle school, get in touch with your school experts. Most middle schools have a social worker, school psychologist or guidance counselor available to discuss specific concerns, keep an extra eye on your student and help ease the transition.

5 Share your stories. Without scaring the bejeebers out of them, tell your student a few stories about your middle-school experiences. Did you meet a best friend? Join the band? Run track? Remind them that you survived and pass along some of your favorite moments.



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School Counselor

Mrs. Stafford's Blog

February 18, 2015

 Here are 25 conversation starters to use with your middle school student!


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