Student Transportation Services is responsible for transporting Tahlequah Public Schools’ students to and from school on a daily basis. Our Mission is:

To safely deliver students to and from school and to promote the moral characteristics necessary for the children’s well-being


Bus routes are constantly being adjusted. Please Call the transportation office for the current schedule.

Transportation Student Handbook
Snow Routes | Severe Weather Safe Practices

Free transportation in district-owned buses is furnished to students who reside in the district. All buses used by the Tahlequah Public Schools meet the requirements of the State Board of Education and operate in compliance with their regulations. All students are urged to regard the bus as a classroom as far as conduct is concerned. Safety is stressed at all times.

The driver of the bus is a school official and has the same authority as a classroom teacher over the students in his/her care. After a student gets on the bus, he/she is under the supervision of the bus driver and is expected to help him/her maintain discipline in order to prevent serious accidents. The driver has absolute authority and is expected to look after the welfare of all students under his/her care; any student may be removed from the bus that persists in disobeying regulations. After getting on the bus , no student is to depart from the bus until it reaches school in the morning or arrives at the designated place for him/her to leave the bus in the evening, except by special permission from the driver. A note signed and dated by the parents and principal will be necessary for permission to be given the student to disembark at another stop or to ride a different bus than normal.


820 Pendleton


(918) 458-4168
(918) 453-4158


Paul Martin

Office Manager:

Teresa Ledbetter


M-F: 5am to 6pm