This school year has been a busy one at Central Academy. Our students have participated in many exciting things to help them have an educational experience that will propel them toward success in and out of the classroom.

Alternative education is overseen by the State Department of Education and has strict guidelines for program success. Each alternative school has 16 Criteria that must be met to qualify for state approval as an alternative school.

Community partnerships are extremely important in alternative education as it brings enlightenment to our students about their community. This is Criteria 6 of the 16 Components for Alternative Education Programs.

Our students have learned the art of giving through the “Quilted Heart Project” where we partnered with the OSU Extension office. They came and taught our students a few amazingly simple sewing techniques where they created quilted hearts from fabric and ribbon. The students were then encouraged to find someone to share their heart with to spread happiness and goodwill across the community. Although we are not aware of who each of the students shared their heart with, one student gave hers to one of our instructors telling her that she always brings sunshine to her day!

Another partnership that has brought many cultural activities to Central is Cherokee Nation. Several of Tahlequah’s local crafters have come and shown our students how to make Corn Husk Dolls, students learned the art of basket weaving and most recently had a lesson in pottery. Along with learning these crafts, our students have been exposed to the many aspects of living in the Capital of the Cherokee Nation and how important that heritage is to Tahlequah.

Our community partners help our teaching staff by supporting the character traits we are instilling in our students. When they come to present, they are not only teaching our students a skill, but they are also teaching them things like work ethic, the importance of education, empathy, knowing your purpose, and exposing them to the many opportunities that having an education brings.

Central also received a grant through the Oklahoma Arts Council that will allow us to take our student to a theatrical performance of The Call of the Wild at Tulsa Performing Arts Center at the end of February. We are excited for our students to have such a wonderful opportunity to attend such a performance.

Sometimes learning does not just come through lectures, books, computer lessons, and tests. It comes through people willing to share their experiences, expertise, and passion with those around them.

Central Academy is extremely thankful to those in the community who come along side us to help our students have a board range of experiences. If your organization has something that you feel would benefit our students or if there is a way we can help your organization through a partnership, we welcome you to reach out to Central Academy @ 918-458-4170 anytime between 8:00-3:00.

Sherry Yount, Director of Central