Student attendance is super important at the elementary schools. Attendance helps kids stay engaged, build routines, and develop good habits for the future. When students attend elementary school regularly, they get to participate in all the learning activities and discussions in the classroom. This helps students understand the concepts better and keeps them up to date with the curriculum. Plus, being present in class allows students to ask questions and seek clarification from their teachers, which can greatly enhance their understanding.

Regular attendance also helps students build relationships with their peers and teachers.  Students get to collaborate, work on group projects, and develop social skills. It is a great opportunity for them to make friends and feel a sense of belonging in the school community.

Another important aspect is that attendance sets a foundation for future success. When students attend school consistently, they develop discipline and responsibility. These qualities are crucial for their academic and personal growth. It also prepares them for the expectations of higher education and the workforce.

By attending school regularly, students also develop a strong work ethic. They learn the importance of being punctual, meeting deadlines, and taking responsibility for their education. These skills are essential for success in any field they choose to pursue later in life.

Overall, student attendance at elementary school is vital because it helps children stay engaged, build relationships, develop important skills, and set a strong foundation for their future. It is an investment in their education and personal growth.

TPS administrators appreciate all that parents do to help us provide the best education possible for their child.

Kair Ridenhour

Executive Director of Elementary Education and Special Programs